EMDR Intensive Program

Introducing the Mindful Living
EMDR Intensive Program

At Mindful Living, we’re dedicated to providing cutting-edge and innovative treatment options in recovery from trauma and to support better mental health. We are thrilled to now be delivering EMDR in an intensive format. Intensive EMDR Programs have been shown to alleviate, decrease, and at times eliminate trauma-related symptoms in a significantly shorter period than conventional therapy.

Our Mindful Living Intensive Programs offer extended and more frequent EMDR treatment sessions over a shorter time frame of one or two weeks. Our one-week or two-week options give you the opportunity to receive intensive therapy, tailored to your unique needs.

What are the benefits of an EMDR Intensive Program?

EMDR Intensive programs have been shown to be highly effective in improving, reducing, and even in some circumstances eliminating trauma-related symptoms in a much shorter timeframe than traditional therapy. By processing and resolving traumatic memories and symptoms through EMDR Therapy you make experience a decrease in trauma-related symptoms such as:

  • Hypervigilance
  • Intrusive thoughts and memories
  • Nightmares
  • Persistent negative feeling states
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, or despair
  • Emotional numbing
  • Trauma-related physical symptoms such as: headaches, migraines, pain without a medical cause, and digestive issues

You may experience significant improvements in:

  • Day to day functioning
  • Mood and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Ability to focus
  • Clarity of thought
  • Insight into yourself and your life experience

We believe that trauma is treatable, and it doesn’t have to be something you just manage for life. Opting for an intensive program can accelerate relief from trauma symptoms and improve well-being. Don’t let trauma hold you back from living a fulfilling life. Get in touch with us today if you would like to learn more about our Intensive Programs.

Choosing EMDR Intensives vs Traditional Therapy

We understand that traditional therapy every week or fortnight may not work for everyone, which is why we offer EMDR intensive trauma treatment that’s both streamlined and effective.

Our EMDR Intensive Programs involve scheduling treatment sessions closer together (three sessions in one week) and extending the session length to 120 minutes, allowing us to moving through the eight phase of EMDR processing more efficiently. This targeted approach enables access to a deeper level of processing so that more traumatic material can be reprocessed more quickly, resulting in faster relief from trauma-related symptoms.

While traditional therapy sessions may involve checking in, discussing daily struggles, some EMDR reprocessing, and practicing therapeutic techniques in-between sessions – our EMDR Intensive Programs are solely focused on moving through the eight phases of EMDR processing. This approach allows us to address the root cause of your trauma faster and then process through the memories, beliefs, and emotions in a streamlined and targeted manner.

Our EMDR Intensive Programs are designed to accelerate your recovery, providing you with relief from traumatic experiences and associated symptoms in a shorter period of time.

Is EMDR Therapy used just to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

EMDR is a versatile and effective therapy that has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of clinical problems that may have resulted from disturbing life events in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood.

In addition to treating PTSD and trauma-related symptoms, EMDR can also be used to treat anxiety, phobias, depression, traumatic grief, addictions, chronic pain, and other difficulties. Our experienced clinicians are trained to use EMDR to help you recover from these and other clinical problems, allowing you to live a healthier and more fulfilling life

Who offers EMDR Intensive Program at Mindful Living?

We understand that choosing an intensive program is an investment in your healing, recovery, and well-being. All of our intensive programs are delivered by Senior Clinicians in our team.

When you choose an intensive program, you’ll work with an EMDR clinician who has several years of experience delivering EMDR therapy and has completed numerous advanced trainings in EMDR and trauma therapy. Our clinicians have achieved a high standard within their EMDR practice, providing you with a high quality of care, knowledge, and expertise.


Program One

Cost: $1960 (Paid in full) OR $2050 (Payment plan)
Deposit: $250

Payment Plans Available
Option 1: $180 x 10 weekly payments over 10 weeks (Total $2050)
Option 2: $360 x 5 fortnightly payments over 10 weeks (Total $2050)

Program Two

Cost: $3640 (Paid in full) OR $3750 (Payment plan)
Deposit: $500

Payment Plans Available
Option 1: $325 x 10 weekly payments over 10 weeks (Total $3750)
Option 2: $650 x 5 fortnightly payments over 10 weeks (Total $3750)


If your intensive is delivered by a clinician who can offer a Medicare Rebate, you may be able to claim a portion of the overall cost as Medicare rebates with a valid referral under Better Access to Mental Health Program.


To schedule a 30-minute obligation-free phone call with our Intake Clinician, please click the button below or contact our friendly Admin Team on 03 9688 8049. We want to ensure that an intensive program is the right therapy option for you at this time, and Kate will help determine your suitability for the program.

While intensive programs are an excellent treatment option, they may not be suitable for everyone. If you are currently a client with Mindful Living, please consult with your Mindful Living therapist. With your consent, your therapist can discuss your suitability for the program with Kate.

You can also read more information including pricing in our EMDR Intensive Program Info Booklet or check out the video below.

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