Mindful living

Sarah Crewther
Senior Practice Administrator

Sarah (she/her) is one of the welcoming faces at our clinic’s reception. As a senior member of the administration team at Mindful Living, Sarah’s role involves greeting clients with a friendly smile. Known for her happy disposition, Sarah approaches her work with a positive attitude that can brighten anyone’s day. Her aim is to spread a sense of warmth and create a welcoming atmosphere for all who enter our clinic.

Throughout her career, Sarah has developed an eclectic range of skills working as a Vet Nurse for over 10 years. More recently, Sarah has studied business administration. Sarah has been involved in a psychological, academic lifestyle throughout her life. Both Sarah’s parents are professors in Neuropsychology, and Sarah enjoys helping her partner on his journey to becoming a registered psychologist.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys baking and has a passion for the film industry, often critiquing movies. She also loves animals and enjoying spending time with her two cute dogs, her feisty cat Arnie and her two birds. Sarah hopes to provide clients with the best possible support they can achieve and hopes to make everyone feel as comfortable as they can be.