Single Session Thinking is a brief intervention model of therapy.  It has a unique structure and is highly focused on what you need and want from the session — ensuring that you get the most from the available time.  Research shows that about 50% of people only ever attend three or fewer therapy sessions and report benefitting from this.  

A brief intervention like a single session might be helpful for you:

  • If you need support, strategies and resources now while you wait for ongoing therapy sessions to become available
  • If there is a specific issue that you would like to address
  • If there are specific skills you might like to learn from a therapist – e.g. relaxation strategies, mindfulness, or ways to change your thinking
  • If you would like to check out if a therapist might be the best fit for you at this time, but don’t feel ready to commit to ongoing sessions
  • If you require support, but longer-term therapy doesn’t feel viable due to other commitments or financial constraints

Some keynotes:

  • The session is completely focused on you and what you need at the present time
  • Both you and the clinician will be aware of the focus of the session beforehand
  • You may find one session is enough, and you can always choose to have more sessions
  • Information about EMDR, along with preparation and relaxation skills can be part of a single session, but if EMDR Therapy is indicated, then this will require additional sessions
  • Sessions are 50 minutes long
  • You and your therapist will discuss a plan moving forward at the end of the session. This might be:
    • One session was beneficial
    • You think you would benefit from another single session using this model
    • You would like to access longer-term therapy


Will one session be enough for me?

  • You may find one session is enough to help with the specific issue you want to work through on the day of the session. But, of course, you can always choose to have more sessions. This might mean booking in for another single session. Or you might feel you need more consistent, regular sessions.
  • You and the therapist you see can talk through this more at the end of your session and make a plan about what might be most beneficial for you right now.

If I want to have another session, will I be able to book this immediately?

  • If the therapist you saw has another space available in the next few weeks, we are happy to book this time for you.
  • If your therapist doesn’t have another space available soon, we will put you on their cancellation list and contact you ASAP if something comes up.

What if I need more sessions?

  • If you need more sessions – you can request another single session appointment, you can go on your therapist’s cancellation list and be offered any available appointments that come up, or you can go on your therapist’s waitlist if you would like a regular, consistent therapy space with them
  • You might also find the single session provides enough support for now, and then you may choose to contact us at any time to make another booking. We have an open-door policy and will welcome you back at any time.

 What if I need ongoing therapy?

  • If longer-term, ongoing therapy has already been recommended to you, will we pop you on our waitlist and book you in with one of our wonderful therapists as soon as a regular space becomes available.

What if I like working with the therapist I see for a single session and want more sessions? Will I be able to see them again? 

  • We will pop a note on your file and place you on the therapist’s cancellation list, offering you any available spots that come up. If you would like to have ongoing sessions with this therapist, we will place you on their waitlist and book you in as soon as a regular space opens up.

Does Medicare cover sessions?

  • If you are eligible, please obtain a referral and MHTP from your GP and, if possible, get this back to us ASAP so that we can have this ready to go for you when a booking becomes available. We will then be able to process your Medicare rebate on the day of the appointment.

What happens when I make a booking for a single session?

  • You will receive an email from us that will give you information about the session. This email will also take you to an online link where you will be asked to provide some information before your first session. This must be done before you meet your therapist for the session, as this information will form the foundation and focus for the session.

I’m only available at specific times in the week. How will this work for me?

  • We will note down the times that work for you, and if a space becomes available, we will contact you ASAP.

Are evening appointments available? 

  • As evening sessions are in high demand, they tend to be booked out far in advance. Kylie and Sara offer evening sessions on Mondays and Thursdays. If either Kylie or Sara has a cancellation for one of their evening spots, we will contact you ASAP to see if you would like to book into this space for a single session.

I’ve been recommended EMDR Therapy. Can we do this in one session

  • EMDR is a comprehensive therapy that involves eight different phases. In a single session, your therapist can discuss if EMDR might be the right fit for you, provide information about EMDR, and guide you through some relaxation and grounding skills that might be helpful to use alongside EMDR down the track. If you and your therapist think you would benefit from having EMDR therapy, then this is best done with regular, consistent, ongoing therapy sessions. 

I can’t be available at short notice, but I would like to try a single session?

  • We are happy to book an appointment in advance for you. This might be several weeks away, but we can look into that now.