Face-to-face and online services available


Our clinic is in Croydon, just off the EastLink Freeway, making our services easily accessible for people living or working in the inner and outer eastern and north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We also offer online and telephone counselling so you can access our services from the convenience of your own home

Practical, skill-based therapy

Our approach to counselling goes beyond simply talking about issues and is practical and experiential. Right from the first session, you will learn helpful tools such as mindfulness that will empower you to live more purposefully and feel confident to handle challenges.

Flexible appointment times

We recognise that many people have work and family commitments and require a range of options for appointment times. We offer appointments during business hours and on weekday evenings to provide an accessible service to the community.

Sustainable, lasting change

We are committed to helping you go further than just ‘managing’ your symptoms, to resolving your core underlying issues. We utilise EMDR Therapy, an evidence-based model of therapy that changes the way the brain processes information and experiences, leading to profound and lasting change.

An individualised approach

Our therapy sessions produce effective, lasting results because we deviate from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We are skilled in a number of therapeutic models and tailor our approach to meet your specific needs, not the other way around. We encourage your feedback to ensure that you feel respected, empowered and benefit from your counselling experience.

Expertise in working with trauma and PTSD

Many counsellors assert that they can work with trauma but may not have specific training or skills in this area. In contrast, our therapists have worked in specialised sexual assault and family violence counselling services, providing counselling to survivors of complex trauma. We engage in ongoing specialist trauma training and know how to treat trauma safety and effectively without requiring you to re-live past traumatic events. This reduces the risk of you being re-traumatised by your therapy experience.

Time and cost effective therapy

We recognise that counselling requires an investment of time and money. We strive to optimise the counselling process so that you can achieve results in the shortest possible amount of time. We specialise in EMDR Therapy, which has been clinically shown to produce results within a shorter time than many other traditional therapeutic approaches. Having said that, there is no rush for you to complete counselling. You are welcome to attend sessions for as long as the counselling process is helpful for you.

Ready to get started?

Our friendly team are on hand now to take any enquiries you have. You are more than welcome to get in touch for an obligation-free chat, to ask any questions, or to schedule a face-to-face, online or telephone appointment.